Develop faster with easy, offline, mock API servers, for your entire team.

Decouple your client side dev from your API dev.
Just create a mock API, publish it to your team, and get started on the actual work now!


Multiple Responses per Route

For each route that you are mocking, you can add multiple responses, with different HTTP response codes. The response marked as active will be returned by the server.

This allows you to test success and error conditions, and switch between them on the fly.

Express Style Routing

You can define route parameters, and regex routes, just like you would in ExpressJS.

Any valid ExpressJS route is also a valid mocktastic route.

Rich Code Editor

A fully featured code editor, allows you to customize your response body easily, while offering helpful hints and suggestions.

You can switch the code editor between plaintext, HTML, XML and JSON formats by setting the appropriate Content-Type header.

Serve Static Files

You are not limited to sending text responses with mocktastic. You can also choose to serve static files.

When a request is setup to serve a file, the request body is ignored even if it is set, and Content-Type headers are changed automatically to reflect the file type.

Proxy Requests

Your mocktastic server can be setup to proxy requests through to any server.

You can even tell it to proxy to the remote server, even if a response has been defined locally.

Record Proxy Responses

If you have setup request proxying, mocktastic allows you to automatically record all incoming responses.

So now you can easily clone a server running on a developers machine by proxying requests through to their machine, and then you will no longer have to ask them to keep the servers running.

Mocktastic Teams

You can create your own teams on mocktastic and invite people to join via email.

Once you have created a team, anyone on that team who is either an Admin or a Publisher, can start publishing their local servers to the team.

Hassle Free Team Sync

Whenever you publish a server to your team, everyone on the team gets notified automatically.

They can then choose to download/update the newly published server. An update takes just two clicks. It's that simple.

Custom Headers, Response Codes

You can define any custom header or HTTP response code for your requests.

Even if they aren't standard, mocktastic will happily server them.

Complete Server Logs

All mocktastic servers keep a log of all incoming requests and outgoing responses, in the current session.

You can drill down and analyze each request and response in the log items individually. Logs also provide information about response time and the source of the response (local or proxy).

Not yet convinced? Checkout the docs to get a glimpse of what all you can do – without writing a single line of code!

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Priority support via email

Currently, mocktastic is in public beta. While in beta, all users get an unlimited free account.

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